Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Day of Work

I woke up and looked at the clock. I was supposed to be at work 30 minutes ago. My day today didn't start off quite as planned...

Lost Hobby

I was asked to teach a scrapbooking class and no one came.

Letter to Lortay

I wrote a letter to Lor-Tay (Taylor) the other day and I made a tiny little sheet of notebook paper out of regular printing paper and colored pencils (for the blue and red lines). It's size is apparent when placed next to a standard Ticonderoga pencil.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The night of the hawking....

The Next Morning
(I think women deteriorate overnight)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Vision of Beauty

My cute little roommate Alexis is going to the Valentine's dance with Marcus tonight!!! ...I'm staying home with Tearsa and watching Ever After.... I wonder who will be having more fun tonight.... *cough cough*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Collage of Me

Sophomore or Junior Year...can't remember which...
But, if you've read'll recognize the bottom-right corner of this, ha!


For Dr. Jim Cain =) He's the superintendent of KISD. This is a drawing of his little doggy, Daisie.

Winter '09 Semester - Art Class Assignments

Tearsa's True Feelings II

Tearsa found the perfect little kid and stuck him on our fridge.

D.I. Date

The Blind Date Couple Who Actually Look Way Cute Together
(Jared and Pica)
R.E.L. and L.N. (Ariel and Allen)
Andy and Tearsa

Hahaha....This was a cool jacket.
I almost look like I could be Jared's mom with that heinous sweater on!
This was the D.I. date. We all had to buy gross clothes for our dates but some of the stuff purchased wasn't half bad even if it was half price!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pulled Over and Strange Match-Striking Methods

So this was when Andy, Tearsa, Jericho, and Pica all wanted to go to Denny's at midnightish. They got pulled over before they could even escape the parking lot. I haven't asked them what happenned yet. Also, Danny is seen here trying to light a match with his zipper and apparently it's a common thing to do when one is camping.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little Monsters

I drew this last semester. I love monsters. But I don't love finishing things, I think I get distracted.

The Best Slippers Ever

They aren't mine, sadly. They're Pica's. Which is weird, because Pica is my nickname. But these slippers belong to another Pica in my dorm. I love thems!

Tearsa's True Feelings

And I don't know what that creepy, muffled voice is at the end.

Ransom Date

The Note:
Dear Allen and Andy,
We have taken from each something you treasure
And we hope that you will not us censure,
For here’s our proposal: (you must obey if your things you wish to regain)
That you two go on a date this Saturday night With us two foxy girls (don’t try to deny it). If you DO refuse, you’re very unwise, and will see a uke and shavor’s untimely demise.

Leave your written answers in thepiano bench between the time you get this and tomorrow at lunch.
We know you’ll make the right decision. =)
The Story:
Tearsa and I haven't been on dates in a while, and we wanted to ask some guys ourselves. So we decided to steal some things to hold for ransom, a date this Saturday being the price. And they said yes! I think we're going to go the D.I. to buy crazy clothes (each couple has to buy crazy stuff for their partner) and then we're going to go somewhere...public... Maybe bowling, the zoo, or even to the movies. Anyways, 'shvas fun to set up.