Saturday, January 31, 2009


Cassie's legs were waxed by Alexis today. I watched.


This week was Alyssa's job to take out the trash: she was trashwoman. Anyways, she came in the other day, looking rather bemused and asked if I would accompany her to go fish out her keys out of the dumpster. Apparently, as she had thrown the bag, her keys, in her hand, were somehow hooked onto the projectile and launched into the pit of waste. Alyssa didn't want to go fish the keys out alone, so I accompanied her. So did my camera. Ha.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Je suis une jeune fille

I've been noticing that my feet look like they belong to an 8 year old, not an 18 year old.

The Kitchen of Dreams

How Embarrassing!

Alexis, my room roommate. This is her inside coming out.

Richard: His face here reminds me of a turtle of the sea.

Who is that girl I see...staring straight...back at me... (Name that movie!)
This is Scoggs. She was very shifty the other night... I have my suspicions.

This was taken about 20 feet away, but I was trying out the awesome "zoom" feature on my camera. Poor Alexis will never get a moment's peace with me and my Olympus FE-370 a'creepin' about.
I love embarrassing moments...especially those captured on film.

Men's Volleyball Game

I went to the men's volleyball game against CBU. It was pretty fun, especially taking pictures of random people that I didn't know. The top photo is of my pal Rachel. The rest of the people I do not know. It was awkward when the blonde girl saw me pointing my camera at her. I had to quickly do the deed and innocently resume my interest in the actual game.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I watched The Grudge tonight. Now I feel gross. I told myself that I would never watch that, but... There I was. What got me to stay most of all...was the fact that my roommate Alyssa randomly wanted to watch it. She was one of the last people that I would have expected to watch a scary movie like that...

And maybe I shouldn't give in because of the influence of others. That is something I might have to learn...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Those people I live with...

[From left to right: Alyssa, Ariel, Tearsa, Alexis, Cassie, and Hannah]

My roommates are Godsends. Each one. Even Alyssa. Haha! (Just kidding, she's great!).

I feel like I could already write a book about each one, but maybe a short little blurb will have to suffice:

  1. Alexis "Alexis from Texas": I have to start with my "room roommate," of course. This kid is AMAZING. She is beautiful, paints, loves frogs, and is from TEXAS! Texas, of course, is the best state in the world (even better than nirvana...haha...okay...not funny...but what's great about Alexis is that she laughs at ALL of my jokes! It makes me feel so good!) She and I disagree on a lot of things, though, and it's kind of funny when we start to argue about our opinions. She lets me borrow her coats... And I thank her for that extra warmth. And I thank her for not getting too mad when I throw snowballs at her. And for not getting too mad when I throw away her nasty avocadoes. She loves cheese. She has cool boots. She is the best listener that I know. Oh, and her voice carries.

  2. Alyssa: Is in love with life! She has the best sense of fashion ever... It's delightfully eclectic and colorful...and daring (but not ever too bold). She has big blue eyes and a winning wit. She wants to major in Humanities (whatever that means). She is very responsible. She loves to be sarcastic, but it's always hillarious. She loves learning about other cultures and she always wears the same boots. She has purple pants that are amazing and her headband is from Guatamala. She adores her family and is best friends with her siblings. Any guy would be lucky to receive the affections of this magnificent, cultured creature. And she is definitely bipolar.

  3. Tearsa "Tears": When I think of Tearsa, I think of food. She loves to make food. And she loves taking pictures of food with her miraculous camera. I love Tearsa. Something she started among us is a new way to prepare the classic college ramen meal: Take Oriental Flavor ramen noodles, add an egg, peas, and salsa (yes, you read that correctly). It tastes sooo much better than ramen alone. Tearsa shuffles down the hallways, making rubbing sounds with her socks. She doesn't like to just pour out her problems, so sometimes we have to worm it out of her. She has the cutest smile in the world and her eyebrows are immaculate. She seems quiet, but when you perturb her enough, she can get rather fiesty. Which brings me to my next contestant:

  4. Cassie "Cassifrass": This cutie owns a fluffy pink blanket that makes her look so cuddly. She has the most attractive teeth I've ever seen. She is very good at back massages and making the apartment sparkle with cleanliness. I think very highly of her. She will probably receive the cutest mom award when she grows up. She likes to tickle people. She HAS NEVER EATEN A BAGEL! I really wish that she would just try one sometime, but she contends that they look like rubbery, dry bread. She is the most darling of darlings, a true friend. Whoever marries this girl will be very very happy.
  5. Last, but not least, is O'Hannah (Hannah): Hannah. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Her name is actually really pretty in Cursive. (Apparently Cursive is capitalized now...) She is so pretty and so nice and she has a very loverly singing voice. Couple that with her guitar-playing skills, and you have an absolute diva! But if that wasn't enough, she draws and paints too! This girl is unstoppable! She is so crazy!!! (Or, "loco," rather, since she started working at Taco Bell recently). She is always very interested in what you're talking about and can really sympathize with people. She makes you feel like your opinion is the best one in town!!!

I love 'em all. But I'm tired, and I think I'll call it a night.

Signing off.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who Are You Drawing?


I've been drawing since kindergarten. Drawing cats, dragons, fairies, you name it. But ever since boys turned from gross to cute, I have found myself drawing those particular guys that I like. It's really quite humorous. This is my most recent...example. Haha. Yeah. This is my friend Lor-Tay who is currently serving a mission in Billings, Montana!

School Kills

Brigham Young University
Winter Semester 2009

I have 8 classes, 16.5 credit hours.

  1. Physical Science
  2. American Heritage
  3. Art History
  4. Figure Drawing
  5. Intro to Photography
  6. Strength Training
  7. Healthy Living (online class)
  8. Book of Mormon
  9. Underwater Basket Weaving

(Number 9 I didn't get into...very competitve)

So I have lots and lots of reading to do and my roommates never let me sleep! But at the same time, this semester is already 1/4 over and that scares me: I feel like I just got back from Christmas vacation yesterday!

To Remember Me By

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life."
-Oscar Wilde
January 23, 2009
So many times, I have tried to keep a journal, and it seems that every time, life overwhelms me. (Or maybe I overwhelm poor little Life with all of the activities I schedule into it).
But here I am, a freshman in college, with a shelf of half-filled journals, and family and friends to try to keep in contact with. I figured that I would go electronic with this personal history business (which allows for quicker, easier entries) to try and overcome my laziness.
I want to have something to look back to, to remember by, to refer to when I feel down and need a reminder that, though I am the most undeserving, God has blessed me with the best family, friends, and talents that I could ever have hope for.
So here I am.
Welcome to Tsyris Earth.
p.s. On "Tsyris": I don't really know when I first started using "Tsyris" as my screen name. I think one day, in the shower, I was trying to come up with something that sounded cool. It's stuck with me throughout the years. I've always loved making up words and names. My email was forever, but I had to change it because I hated having to spell it for people everytime.