Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Color Project - Intro to Photography

St. Patrick's Day by Alexis

This is my roommate Alexis. Apparently, her family is super intense about St. Patty's Day: She has 8 pairs of St. Patrick's Day socks and her mom sent her a big box that had a bunch of Leprechaun candy in it (so that Alexis could spread it all over the floor during the night). The night before the big Green Day, we completed crossword puzzles (also provided by the holiday package sent by Alexis' mom) and decorated bags with a bunch of St. Patty's stickers and green markers so that we would have something to gather the candy with. Then, for St. Patrick's Day dinner, Alexis made Shepard's Pie and we had lime green bars and we all had to wear green or else Alexis would pinch us. Seriously, that night at 11:30pm, Alexis saw that I didn't have any green on my pajamas so she GOT ME! I made it the whole day and blew it the last possible half hour.

But it was grand.

Top o' the marnin' to yeh!

Rock Face and Stick Man

Can you see the face?
It's a little stick dude.

Alternate Reality

My roommate Cassie has this same shirt^ and I have red hair^ but no, this is not us!

Bigger or Better

This is a game where two teams are given identical practically value-less objects and sent to go trade that lame thing for something "bigger and better." After going door to door a few times, depending on the generosity of the people you go to, your team starts to come across bigger/better stuff and the winning team is the one that ends up with the most awesome object.
We played, starting with a Q-Tip. My team ended up with what is depicted below.

Photography Class Outing

Girl in my class: the forced-volunteer model of the day

Last Thursday we just went outside to take some photos. I wish I had a nice camera! =(

Random Snapshots

Because of my photography class, I am beginning to see photo-ops everywhere I go! Eeyup...it's a gift and a curse. =)

The Chill Boss

I love my boss. He comes over to "supervise" us when he doesn't want to be watched by his own boss. At the times he comes over to Miller Park to make sure we work, we all sit around and talk for about an hour. =)