Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St. Patrick's Day by Alexis

This is my roommate Alexis. Apparently, her family is super intense about St. Patty's Day: She has 8 pairs of St. Patrick's Day socks and her mom sent her a big box that had a bunch of Leprechaun candy in it (so that Alexis could spread it all over the floor during the night). The night before the big Green Day, we completed crossword puzzles (also provided by the holiday package sent by Alexis' mom) and decorated bags with a bunch of St. Patty's stickers and green markers so that we would have something to gather the candy with. Then, for St. Patrick's Day dinner, Alexis made Shepard's Pie and we had lime green bars and we all had to wear green or else Alexis would pinch us. Seriously, that night at 11:30pm, Alexis saw that I didn't have any green on my pajamas so she GOT ME! I made it the whole day and blew it the last possible half hour.

But it was grand.

Top o' the marnin' to yeh!

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